Legal Hacker Project Challenges

We are fortunate to have two separate legal hackathon style open challenges happening during IAP. Participants in this course are welcome and invited to join Legal Hackers MIT teams that will be collaborating on multiple projects for each open challenge (in collaboration with members of

Although the challenge events are situated in San Diego and the Washington DC area, the same system used for online participation in this course can be used for team collaboration and for developing, submitting and presenting the team project.

Participation in these activities is encouraged but completely optional. Collaborating at MIT on a Legal Hackers team project can provide a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience solving difficult real-world challenges by using the new skills, tools and methods of applied legal analytics.

The two open challenges are:

The ABA Legal Analytics Prototype Jam

30 Second Overview Demo

Video Walk Through of Our Team Prototype Jam Project

For More Information About

Financial Entity Open Challenge on Roles and Relationships